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Costumes, choreography, confidence building - Spring is an exciting time in the dance studio as we begin preparing for our annual recital.  

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We believe that by sharing the joy of dance with children while honoring their individuality, ideas and movement choices, we can nurture their self-confidence and foster their creativity. 

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Creative Dance and Movement

8550 Prunedale North Rd, Suite B

​Prunedale, California 93901 

Our spring recital is on Saturday, June 8. For more information, see our Events page, or Contact Us.​ 

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We are looking toward spring and recital planning!

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2013 and 2014

​Salute to Small Business - Presented by Union Bank and KSBW-TV​

We continue to register children for most of the school year as long as space is available

Registration is ongoing
Call us or email us for more information (831) 210-6823 • jcrowley360@gmail.com

​​Creative Dance and Movement

Do you ever wonder what happens in a 
Creative Movement class?

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