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Creative Ballet employs a lively, nurturing and spirited approach to dance training.  This light hearted approach, rarely found in traditional ballet classes, artfully builds a strong foundation in technique and incorporates an understanding of dance concepts and terminology.  A love of dance and self-confidence are nurtured and encouraged as dancers are given an opportunity to collaborate, explore and be creative.

*Ballet I - 6 years and up: one-hour class 

*Ballet II - 8 years and up: 75-minute class

*Ballet III - 11 years and up: 75-minute class

Creative Modern • 8 years and up*  
infant to 36 months with a caregiver 

Dance improvisation is a process of spontaneous discovery, creating meaningful movement in "real time." We explore a variety of scores and creative tasks that foster sensitivity, conscious awareness of movement choices, and openness to finding unexpected pathways. As each of us deepens our ability to draw on our own individual creative resources, we can also experience more satisfying collaborations while dancing together.

This class is for adult participants who have some dance training and a desire to expand their creative process in dance and/or to become more comfortable with improvisation. 

This is a 90-minute class.

Creative Movement • 2 1/2 - 4 years

​​Creative Dance and Movement

Now is your chance to shake up your daily routine! Mommy/Daddy Dance with Me offers parents and caretakers of infants and toddlers the chance for some quality interaction in a playful environment.

Music, balls, scarves, rhythm instruments, bean bags and more are used to stimulate your infant's and toddler's auditory, visual and tactile senses. Each class includes the BrainDance to reinforce the eight developmental movement patterns essential for a fully functioning brain/body connection. Dance, interactive activities, rhythm, song, and social development all add up to a really fun morning for you and your child. 

Join us!

This is a 45-minute class.

Class Descriptions

Jazz 7 years and up*
Below are descriptions of our current ​classes
Mommy/Daddy Dance with Me 
Creative Movement

The creativity never stops as stories and props are used to elicit movement and to encourage students to find their own "dance voice." Focused on furthering the development of locomotor skills (skipping, leaping, jumping, etc.), and introducing ballet and modern dance-based fundamentals, this class is perfect for the young mover. Students are introduced to dance elements such as level, direction, and shape; and practice self-control as they follow directions, take turns, and practice following along and leading others.

This is a one-hour class. 

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Dance Improv Lab for adults  

Jazz dance is fun and energetic. Dancers start by learning jazz foundations, such as strong/low center, parallel hips, angular shapes, and isolations. As dancers progress, they focus on more challenging jazz elements including kicks, leaps, turns, splits, isolations, contractions, syncopation and rapid directional changes. This class begins with a warm-up to develop strength, jazz technique and flexibility, followed by center work, progressions across the floor and dance combinations. Musicality, rhythm and coordination are taught using age-appropriate choreography, and upbeat age appropriate music. Dancers are encouraged to discover their individual style and originality and to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun!

*Jazz 1 - 7 years and up: one-hour class

*Jazz 2 - 9 years and up: 75-minute class

*Jazz 3 - 13 years and up: 75- minute class

Students are challenged and have lots of fun as they learn tap steps and combinations. They learn to count the beats of a musical measure, becoming more aware of musicality, the connection between dance movement and music. As they progress, they learn more complicated tap phrases and combinations and greater attention is paid to expression and style. 

Tap 1 is a 45-minute class

Tap 2 is a one-hour class

* It is preferable, but not mandatory, that your dancer have participated in one year of Creative Movement and/or Creative Ballet. If not, concurrent enrollment in any one of our classes is highly recommended.

†Students who take Tap 1 move on to Tap 2 when they have mastered selected skills. This usually takes at least two years. Some students who have not taken Tap 1 may be, due to age or other factors, developmentally able to start in Tap 2. We are happy to determine the best placement for your child.

See the Schedule page for class days and times

By far the most popular program at Creative Dance and Movement. While being a structured program, we strive to validate each child's personality and personal style of movement, and to encourage freedom of expression. Our goal at this and every age is to enhance each young dancer's enthusiasm for dance, to encourage creativity, and to increase self-confidence.

Modern dance classes often emphasize exploration 

allowing for the freedom to use one's natural movement expression. Experienced CDM dancers know the elements of dance and have applied them through dance exploration and improvisation. In Creative Modern, dancers work in greater depth with the elements of energy, space and time, learning to consciously use these elements to create unique dance composition. Student work emphasizes originality, committing to an idea, developing it and presenting/teaching works to peers. At this level, a dancer's own "choreographic voice" becomes apparent. Dance technique is learned and reinforced throughout the process. This class is open to new and experienced students who love to be creative and collaborate with others.

This is a 75-minute class

Not offered 2019/20 school year

*CM 1 - 8 years and up

*CM 2 - 10 years and up, after completion of at least                    one season of CM 1 and/or with teacher approval.

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This exciting fun-filled preschool program blends the magic of childhood imagination with movement and the underlying principles of dance. With imaginations fully engaged, preschoolers use scarves, bean bags, ribbons and more as they are introduced to dance elements and movement fundamentals. Children also work on body control, listening skills, balance and coordination.

This is a 45-minute class.

​Creative Ballet • 6 years and up* ​
Creative Movement • 4 - 6 years
Tap 1 (6 yrs old and 1st grade and up) 
Tap 2 (after completion of Tap 1, and/or by instructor's approval)*†