In February 2019, I started to write my annual “note from the director” for the back of our recital program. It was to start by welcoming the audience to Creative Dance and Movement’s eleventh annual dance concert. I was feeling very proud and gratified to be able to convey that message yet again, eleven years after first starting the dance studio.

Instead, COVID-19 destroyed our recital plans and cut short our dance season by several months. There was going to be no need for a recital program and therefore no annual note from the director. Instead, I wrote a note to my dance families to say goodbye. 

I started Creative Dance and Movement in 2009 with 15 students and along the way we grew to over 160 students and I want you to know that I have loved every single minute of the adventure. Of course, there were some hard moments and even some painful ones, but each one provided me an opportunity to learn and to grow. And each one made me better at what I do. This dance program has been a gift of relationships, lessons, and adventures that in planning the business I never imagined I would experience. I am forever grateful to all of the parents and children who provided me with these amazing experiences and to Kevin, Rowan and Cindi for giving so much of themselves to CDM and for being the best friends I could ever hope to have.

For some time, my husband has been talking about retiring and this year he finally decided it was time. I always knew that when he made that decision, it would mean I have a decision to make too. I would either continue working while he figured out his next step in life, or retire too and we would figure out together what our next step as a family would be. I have decided that retiring is the decision that's best for my family. Of course, Covid-19 has had an impact on the dance studio as a business and has also had some influence on my decision to close. 

My hope was to pass the studio to Rowan who is so deserving and who I’m certain would do a wonderful job leading CDM into the future. However, she has decided that it’s time for her to go in a different direction in her life as well. 

This has been a very, very hard decision and my heart aches as I write this. I want you all to know how much I appreciate you. You have trusted us with your precious children and you have let us be a part of their childhood. There simply is no greater gift you could have given any of us. Thank you for bringing your children to dance with us all these many years. We’ve had a wonderful experience.

Rowan, Cindi, Kevin and I are all interested in staying in touch with any dancers and parents who would like to do so. Many of our dancers have danced with us for several years and we've formed bonds. We also feel genuine friendship with many dance parents. There will be graduations and other exciting life events that we would truly enjoy knowing about. So, I will keep the CDM Facebook page active so that as your dancers grow, you and they will be able to reach out to us. The Contact Us page on this website will also be active as long as I keep the website up.

Much love and appreciation always,

Jennifer Crowley

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A special note from Jennifer Crowley to all of you who have been a part of Creative Dance and Movement's dance family​.

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