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Jennifer Crowley has a unique passion for dance evidenced in her belief that all human beings of any age, size, physical, or intellectual ability can dance. Having been denied the opportunity to dance as a small child, Ms. Crowley initially developed the Creative Dance and Movement program

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Jennifer Crowley, Director

in order to bring dance into the elementary school so that all children can enjoy the creativity and self-expression provided by dance. Later, the opportunity arose to take her program into the dance studio where she continues to bring dance to children eager to express themselves through movement. In 2013 and again in 2014, Creative Dance and Movement was nominated for the Salute to Small Business Award in the category best woman-owned business. 

Ms. Crowley was introduced to dance as a teenager, but it wasn't until after college and starting a family that she returned to dance.  She quickly found her passion for dance as art and personal expression. She studied as a dance educator at the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, Washington under Anne Green Gilbert. There she honed her skills as a creative dance teacher, learning dance pedagogy and a holistic brain-compatible approach to dance education. She continues to take classes for her own skill development and enjoyment, as well as taking classes related specifically to teaching dance and creativity to children. 

Ms. Crowley is a fluent Spanish speaker and has worked with children of all ages for over 25 years. 

At Creative Dance and Movement, our mission is simple, to share dance and the joy it brings with as many children as possible while fostering their self-confidence by focusing on the "whole" child: his or her individuality, ideas and movement choices. 

We strive to create a unique home for dance in Monterey County, devoid of competition, where young people can learn the art of dance and learn creative possibilities through dance.

Our Director

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