Enrollment Procedures

We do not use an online enrollment form. Enrollment occurs after you have contacted us so we can be sure there is a spot in the appropriate class for your child. New students will have the opportunity to try a class before parents pay for enrollment. Prior to enrollment, new and returning students who pre-register by calling, emailing, or using the Contact Us link to contact us will have a spot saved for their child, assuming there is room in the applicable class. 

Class Attire/Dress Code 
Creative Movement... 

Girls – dance clothes such as leotard, dance skirt, footless tights, leggings and t-shirt bare feet or ballet slippers. 
Boys – sweat pants, dance pants or soft shorts; t-shirt or tank top, bare feet or ballet slippers.
Creative Ballet... Leotard, or leggings and a tank top. Tights/skirt optional. Ballet skippers required. 

Creative Modern... Leggings/yoga pants, capris or shorts; t-shirt, camisole, tank top or leotard. Bare feet.
Jazz and Tap... jazz/yoga pants, capris or shorts; t-shirt, camisole, tank top or leotard. Jazz/Tap shoes required.
Shoes – See above requirements per class. NO STOCKING FEET; we don’t want anyone to slip.

Hair – Pulled back if long. (Ponytail or bun) No headbands.

Tuition - Based on a four-week month. If your child misses a class, there will be no tuition reduction, but we encourage you to have your child attend a make-up class if one is available. Tuition is non-refundable. 

Tuition Payment options - Be sure your child is already enrolled before you make your first tuition payment.

There are four ways to pay for tuition at CDM:

  • Online: CDM banks with Chase. If you do too, Chase Quickpay is a free, quick, and easy option for paying tuition.
  • Online: Bank to bank (person to person) electronic transfers from BofA, Capital One, First Bank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and many other local banks offering this service. 
  • At the studio, we accept cash and checks

Late Fee - Tuition is due on your child’s first class day of every month, or no later than the 15th of the same month. If your tuition is paid after the 15th of the month, you are expected to pay a $10 late fee to bring your account current. Tuition may be left in the metal box hanging on the wall above the lobby desk. 

Bounced Check Fee - $20.

For more on how tuition is calculated, see "Tuition explained" below.

Class Cancellations - Though it is extremely rare, the following is our policy regarding canceled classes

Illness - If it becomes necessary for a class(es) to be canceled due to the instructor being ill and a substitute teacher or an alternate class is not offered, the last month of the "semester" will be prorated to correct for the canceled class.

Weather - If it becomes necessary for class(es) to be canceled due to serious weather or problems caused by weather (no electricity, downed trees, etc.) tuition will not be refunded, however your child will be welcome to take a make-up class.*

Parent Observation Dates - Family and friends are invited to enter the studio during Observation Week. Cameras and video are welcome. At all other times, classes can be viewed from the lobby door windows.

Parent Observation will be during the weeks of:

(Dates subject to change)                     

October 17 - 22
December 12 - 17                       

February 27 - March 4 (This date has been changed to March 6 through March 11)

Due to holidays, there will be no classes offered on the following dates:
November 22 – 26 (Thanksgiving Week *except Monday)
October 31 (Halloween) *Some or all classes may be held if majority of parents agree.
December 19 - January 7 (Holiday Season)
April 10 - 15 (Spring Break)
May 27 and 29* (Memorial Day) *Some or all classes may be held if majority of parents agree.​

Recitals - Participation in dance recitals is optional! Dance is different things to different people. Some people dance for the sheer joy it, others for socialization, and others to perform. See this year's recital info below. Occasionally other performance opportunities become available. If you know of one we may want to consider, please let us know. 

Recital Date - Our annual dance recital is scheduled for Saturday, June 10 at Sherwood Hall in Salinas. The rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, June 9. Specific times for each event have not been determined, but may take up the bulk of your morning and/or afternoon. Please pencil them in on your calendar now. More information will be available as the date gets closer. 

Recital Costume - Each dancer will be required to wear a recital costume purchased by the parent. Costumes are non-refundable once ordered.

Tuition explained:
Tuition is based on a four week month. However, some months your child will have five classes and others she’ll have three, just because of how the calendar naturally works. Additional tuition is not charged for longer months, nor reduced for shorter months. It pretty much all works out. Now, it can seem complicated to understand, but if you really want to know how it works, continue reading. :)

Many CDM students take more than one class and/or have a sibling at the studio. Because of this, not everybody just pays the simple $47 a month. Figuring out what each family would have to pay each month because some months have 5 weeks, some have 4, and some have 3 would take far too much time.

To keep things simple, you will be expected to pay a full month’s tuition each month (even if your child misses a class*), regardless of how many dance classes your child gets that month and even if we took a week off for a holiday. At the end of each semester (i.e. December and June) you will be notified of a discount if you have not received the number of dance classes you paid for that semester due to a holiday or teacher cancellation (excluding dates your child missed class). This system allows the accounting to be done twice a year, not once a month, giving us more time to spend dancing with your children. Below are two examples to explain how it works:

Example 1
September 4 classes = $47
October 5 classes = $47 (one extra class)
November 3 classes = $47 (one less class)
December 2 classes = $23.50

In the above example, October shows an extra class because of a five week month. However, November is only three classes because of the Thanksgiving holiday. So October and November even each other out. Because it all evens out and there are only two classes in December, you’ll only have half tuition in December.

Example 2
September has 3 classes = $47 (one less class)
October has 5 classes = $47 (one extra class)
November has 3 classes = $47 (one less class)
December has 3 classes = $23.50 (one extra class)

$23.50 because of an overpayment in November.

In the above example, September and October even each other out. November only has three classes, so an overpayment was made. December has three, so one will count toward November and December is half price.

*If your child misses a class, please bring her/him in for a make up class. Our goal is to keep your child dancing! We are happy to have kids visit other classes for make-ups. Just email or call us to let us know which class you’d like your child to participate in (same age level) within a reasonable amount of time so that we’ll know to expect her/him. No refund or prorating will be given for children who miss class or for canceled classes. The rent, teachers, utilities, and other expenses must be paid regardless. We appreciate your kind understanding. Note: It is not guaranteed that there will be an equivalent class available for makeups. 

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