Annual recital photos are during class times the week of ... (TBD)

Questions we will answer soon -

How much are costumes?

Is there a recital fee?

How much are recital tickets?

May I reserve a seat in advance?

May I take photos at the recital?

Can I record a video of the recital?

Creative Dance and Movement

8550 Prunedale North Rd, Suite B

​Prunedale, California 93901 

This page is under development and will eventually have many details that will help you be sure your child is prepared for her recital.

Welcome to your 2019 Recital Headquarters!

Call us or email us for more information (831) 210-6823 •

​​Creative Dance and Movement

Dress Rehearsal

June 12, 2020


June 13, 2020

Sherwood Hall

940 N. Main St.


Specific times and details will be provided as the dates get closer.