Annual recital photos are during class times the week of ... (TBD)

Questions we will answer soon -

How much are costumes?

Is there a recital fee?

How much are recital tickets?

May I reserve a seat in advance?

May I take photos at the recital?

Can I record a video of the recital?

Creative Dance and Movement

8550 Prunedale North Rd, Suite B

​Prunedale, California 93901 

Welcome to your 2019 Recital Headquarters!

Call us or email us for more information (831) 210-6823 •

This page is under development and will eventually have many details that will help you be sure your child is prepared for her recital.

​​Creative Dance and Movement

Dress Rehearsal

June 12, 2020


June 13, 2020

Sherwood Hall

940 N. Main St.


Specific times and details will be provided as the dates get closer.