​​Creative Dance and Movement

 Free! This is a co-op format. Those participants who want to, take turns leading the class 
* Mommy and Me - $40 per month

Please note:


A few more details

See class description page for details

The first class is free for all dancers who have not previously enrolled with the exception of Mommy/Daddy Dance with Me, Charter School students, ballerina birthday parties and special workshops.

Missed Classes: There is no prorating or discounts for missed classes. However, we hope and encourage your dancer to make up any missed classes by attending a class on a different day. Classes are held each week and rent, utilities and all other expenses must be paid whether your child shows up or not.

Please see our Studio Policies page for more important information.

• This fee covers all siblings within the same family •

A note to homeschool parents:

Call us or email us for more information (831) 210-6823 • jcrowley360@gmail.com

Tuition and Fees

$55.00 per month  


Creative Dance and Movement is a vendor for Ocean Grove and and Inspire Charter Schools. If your child participates in either of these programs, please let us know prior to enrollment. 

  • Charter school students' monthly tuition is slightly different so as to cover administrative expenses not incurred by other students.

  • Before submitting a purchase order, please contact us at CDM for correct tuition and placement availability in a class. 

If your homeschooler belongs to a different homeschool program, you may want to see if they are accepting vendors. This may save you from having to pay your child's dance fees.

Sibling discount: $5 per month
Annual registration fee
Improv Lab for Adults (90-min class)

* No Registration fee for Mommy and Me    or Adult Improv

Creative Dance and Movement

8550 Prunedale North Rd, Suite B

​Prunedale, California 93901 

Creative Ballet II and III (75-minute class)
Creative Modern - All Levels (75-min class)
Jazz II and III (75-minute class)


*Excluding Mommy and Me which is already discounted

Multiple class discount:
$5 off second class
$10 off third class
4th class = $25 flat rate



Payment options are found on our Policies page.

Electronic payments will not be accepted until your dancer is enrolled.

Please contact us directly to enroll your child.

Please notify us before you make your first electronic payment.

Creative Movement - All Levels (45-minute class)
Creative Ballet I (1-hour class)
Mommy/Daddy Dance With Me  (45-min class)
Jazz I  (1-hour class)
Tap - All levels (45-minute class)   

$50.00 per month  •  Mommy and Me $40.00 per month
* Ocean Grove and Inspire CS families, please see note at bottom of page. 
• All  45-minute and 60-minute classes are $50 per month 
• All  75-minute and 90-minute classes are $55 per month 
• Adult class and workshop fees differ 
• Multiple class and sibling discounts are listed below